Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) education and guidance for EHS managers over vehicle maintenance operations. By Automotive Environmental and Safety Engineering.   Take the 14-day free trial (credit card not required)

Environmental/EPA for EHS Managers

500 pages. 25 chapters. Over 100 types of materials. Index. Videos. Best resource links. EPA rules and compliance best practices. 30-page Self-audit. Most comprehensive education available. Add-ons include three online training and testing programs for technicians. See the Table of Contents.

Take the 14-day free trial (credit card not required)

for EHS Managers

300 pages. 12 chapters with index. Covers all safety/OSHA rules in shops,
including first aid, recordkeeping, auto lift safety, exposures to
hazardous materials. 
Add-ons include online training and on-site training, consulting, auditing. See the Table of Contents.

Health, Wellness and Fitness module for Individuals and shop

This module is for personal health and wellness. Reduce sick days and increase productivity. Practical nutritional advice and the importance of animal fats, salt, clean water and fresh nutrient-dense foods. Directory of 10,000 sources of clean food fresh from local growers. Hundreds of indexed articles on critical topics. Links to valuable sources. Videos, PDF booklets. Add-ons include on-site video teleconferencing on special topics by experts.  (Coming in Fall 2018)

Personnel Recruiting

We can recruit EHS specialists, vehicle maintenance managers, and fleet managers. From EHS Recruiters. Available anytime without a subscription to AESE Online at recruit.e-fleet.us

Take the 14-day free trial (credit card not required)